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Glen Allen Stream Restoration Project

Client: City of Newport News
Approximate Project Cost (Design and Construction): $680,000
Project Timeline: 2014 – 2016
Project Manager/Senior Engineer: Scott C. Blossom, P.E. (while with Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Project Summary: The Glen Allen Stream Restoration Project consisted of approximately 2200 feet of urban stream restoration and bank stabilization in Newport News, Virginia. The project included base survey, detailed stream assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and natural stream channel design principles. The proposed design was developed in consideration of available access in an inherently confined stream valley corridor. Bankfull bench was integrated as access road during construction, and is currently re-vegetating post construction. As a project that was partially funded through the Stormwater Local Assistance Funds (SLAF), quantified projected nutrient load reduction calculations were provided along with construction documents and specifications.

glen allen project

Looking upstream towards "W-Weir" installed at confluence or urban tributary with main stem. Note 1 FT approximate step height and footer boulders in foreground. Bank grading and coir 700 matting.

glen allen project

Looking downstream at rock toe protection on right outer meander bend. Inner bar graded to replicate reference reach stable bar slopes. BCE offers sediment transport modeling to support stream restoration designs.

Project Role: As project manager and senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom was responsible for overall coordination with the assessment, design and engineering staff and review of deliverables. Mr. Blossom coordinated directly with the design team and client to scope and deliver engineering tasks, and ultimately competed final review and provided sealed construction drawings to the client. As senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom participated in design related meetings and general coordination with the client, and assisted in the preparation and review of construction documents. Details, specifications and engineer’s cost estimates were provided along with construction documents. Construction provided by Environmental Quality Resources (EQR) in Fall 2016. The site will be monitored for three (3) years to verify compliance with Nationwide 27 permit conditions.