Stormwater Management

BCE brings seasoned stormwater design professionals and Certified Stormwater Inspectors, Plan Reviewers and Combined Administrator's to meet today's (and tomorrow's) complex rainwater management objectives.

In Virginia: Our experience ranges from the Technical II.B criteria for water quality and quantity referenced in the Commonwealth’s stormwater regulations to the EPA’s expert panel recommendations for nutrient reduction associated with stream restoration projects.

Nationally: BCE provides licensed professional engineers with project experience from Florida to the Pacific Northwest and specializes in detailed hydrologic analysis in a variety of climatic and topographic settings.

Internationally: BCE reviews projects for compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Credit Criteria and specializes in innovative rainwater management and water efficiency strategies.

Rainwater Harvesting

BCE provides full service consulting for rainwater harvesting projects! Our projects range from residential rainwater harvesting to large scale application for stormwater compliance.

Our engineers have provided designs for millions of gallons of harvested rainwater and can help meet your water demands while reducing the demand on the potable water supply!