Environmental Consulting

BCE specializes in projects that involve an interrelationship between water resources and development, and projects that have environmental, biological and ecological considerations that require attention and integration into engineering designs.

Our key staff bring experience in ecosystem assessment, habitat mapping, condition surveys, regulatory support, stream assessments using EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocols, Geomorphology, and Floodplain Management.

BCE understands local hydrologic and hydraulic conditions and combines ecosystem restoration goals with functional engineering.

The BCE Team aims for a minimum of ‘no adverse’ impact on floodplains when delivering ecological engineering solutions AND specializes in increasing the beneficial functions of floodplains by enhancing storage capacity where feasible and creating functional habitat.

The BCE Team is committed to incorporating natural system design into every project we are involved with. This approach of ecological integration begins with a full understanding of every project site’s biota and the biological/ecological processes influencing them. BCE recognizes the intricate nature of environmental design and that small changes in abiotic properties within a landscape can have wide-ranging and long-lasting influences on the flora and fauna of a system and the potential for irrevocable effects. Along with ecological integration, BCE has experience and expertise in ecological restoration and mitigation throughout the Mid-Atlantic. With consideration toward known pre-civilization ecology, reference landscapes, and ecological mimicry, the BCE Team can design and implement restoration projects that succeed in both quantifiable and qualitative mean.

Environmental Consulting Projects