Water Resources Engineering

BCE specializes in stormwater and floodplain management, dam safety and stream restoration and has remained on the forefront of innovative design through the continued dynamic evolution of engineering our waters.

BCE recognizes the Beneficial Functions of Floodplains are critical in meeting watershed management goals and promoting community safety.

The BCE Team’s past project experience includes Flood Vulnerability Assessments, Flood Reduction, Emergency Action Plans and Mitigation Studies.

BCE’s licensed professional engineers specialize in providing dam safety services in support of the Virginia Impounding Structure Regulations (Dam Safety) (4VAC50-020).

The BCE Team’s licensed engineers have completed numerous dam safety related breach analyses and inundation mapping throughout the State, including multiple studies for State Agencies, Military Facilities, and Private Clientele.

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analyses Related to

  • Flood Damage Reduction
  • Stormwater Water Management
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Coastal Storm Damage Reduction
  • Resiliency Studies & Floodplain Management