Site & Civil Design

BCE’s professional engineers have served as engineer of record for a variety of civil and water resource engineer projects along the East Coast and throughout the Caribbean, including residential and commercial site plans, mixed use developments, marina facilities, golf courses, K-12 and higher education campuses and military installations.

BCE provides site plans, construction documents and site plan support services for a range of development types, including mixed use, residential and commercial projects. Our plans are designed in accordance with local standards and specifications and can include erosion and sediment control, utility plans, environmental inventories, construction notes and details. With a regional focus in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and Caribbean, BCE’s engineer’s, planners, scientists and technicians integrate environmental considerations into feasibility and conceptual planning efforts and are available to assist with certified erosion and sediment control inspectors during implementation.

In addition, BCE’s professional engineers provide detailed floodplain studies in support of Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR), Letters of Map Revision (LOMR), Letters of Map Amendment (LOMA) and is available to coordinate with FEMA for regarding complex hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and re-mapping activities.

Site & Civil Design Projects