BCE’s engineers, biologists and scientists provide assessment, design and documentation for mitigation banking projects - helping our clients bring their visions for land enhancement and restoration for environmental credits to reality.

BCE is equipped to provide site assessments & quantified nutrient load reduction calculations in conjunction with design projects involving living shorelines, beach nourishment, stream and wetland restoration.

In addition, BCE is available to coordinate with your selected contactor during implementation and BCE also provides post construction monitoring and reporting to help ensure long term success!

  • Rosgen Stream Classification and Channel Evolution Assessments
  • BANCS Assessments
  • Conceptual Mitigation Master Planning
  • Prospectus Support
  • Bank Development Plans
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration Construction Documents
  • Nutrient Reduction Implementation Plans
  • Ecosystem and Habitat Restoration
  • Dam Removal Plans
  • Nutrient Banking
  • The BCE Team approaches Stream Condition Surveys with an understanding of the inter-relationship between Channel Evolution and Hydraulic Engineering.
  • The BCE Team has completed thousands of linear feet of stream condition surveys in the past 5 years. BCE’s Principal Engineer has four (4) years of Rosgen training and 20 years of stream condition analysis.
  • The BCE Team is highly proficient in stream surveys, including EPA protocols for nutrient reductions associated with stream and shoreline projects as well as assessments for Stormwater Local Assistance Fund (SLAF) projects.
  • – Steve T., SC (CEMS Inc.)
    We enjoyed our teaming experience with Blossom Consulting and Engineering inc. and look forward to future opportunities to work with them again. They met project goals and timelines within budget, in a safe and efficient manner.
    – Steve T., SC (CEMS Inc.)
  • – Jonathon L., VA (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)
    Your work was very instrumental in the overall project and look forward to working more with your firm in the future.
    – Jonathon L., VA (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation)
  • – SAME Hampton Roads Post
    Continued engagement both in the SAME Hampton Roads Post and Old Dominion University place him in a critical spot to support SAME’s top goals of enhancing Industry USG engagement, developing leaders for the profession and producing STEM professionals for the Nation.
    – SAME Hampton Roads Post
  • – Coby Linton, NC
    I had an endless stream of questions as we navigated this relatively complex process. BCE was incredibly patient, consistently responsive and demonstrated an invaluable depth of knowledge as he shepherded our project through the design and approval processes. As a result I am pleased to recommend Blossom Consulting & Engineering, without any reservations.
    – Coby Linton, NC

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