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Rivanna Village Mixed Use Development

Phase II Project Timeline: 2016-2017
Project Manager: Scott C. Blossom, P.E., CFM, LEED AP

Project Summary: The Rivanna Village Mixed Use Development Project consists of approximately 100 acres of mixed use development (primarily residential), located in Albemarle County, Virginia. The master planned community includes a multi-phase, block based development strategy, designed to maximize land use while preserving sensitive environmental resources, integrate an accessible open space park area with an urban trail system, and create a usable community core with sports fields and public amenities. The development team coordinated closely with Albemarle County and adjacent property owners to incorporate stakeholder interests, including access improvements and vegetated landscape corridors to enhance ecological function while meeting economic growth objectives.

rivanna project

Blossom Consulting and Engineering Inc. provides full service water resource engineering associated with residential and mixed use development, including stormwater master planning, BMP Design, buffer mitigation and urban stream restoration.

rivanna project

Looking downstream at preserved stream channel, with overbank and floodplain access. Note natural meander pattern and outer bend pool used by BCE as a reference for natural channel design.

Project Role: Blossom Consulting and Engineering Inc. (BCE) provides full service water resource engineering for the Rivanna Village project, including stormwater management, floodplain analysis and stream restoration design. BCE has coordinated closely with the design team and selected contractor regarding erosion and sediment control for Phase I construction activities, and is responsible for the design of a Level II Pond Design for proposed Phase II development. In addition, Mr. Blossom, as project manager and senior engineer of record, provides coordination with regulatory agencies (USACE and DEQ) to maintain permit compliance and implement required mitigation activities. Specific tasks include: Hydrologic and Hydraulic modelling, stormwater design using the Virginia Runoff Reduction Methodology, and buffer mitigation design including urban stream restoration assessment and design.