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Turnberry Stream Restoration Project

Stream Stabilization/Restoration Environmental Permitting and Ancillary Services BOA

Client: City of Newport News
Approximate Project Cost (Design and Construction): $600,000
Project Timeline: 2013 – 2016
Project Manager: Scott C. Blossom, P.E. (while with Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Project Summary: The Turnberry Stream Restoration Project consisted of approximately 800 feet of urban stream restoration and stabilization in the City of Newport News. The project included geomorphic stream assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and natural stream channel design principles. The proposed design included channel shaping to meet target geomorphic characteristics and geometry, instream grade control structures, habitat enhancement features, structural bank stabilization, and drainage infrastructure retrofitting. As a project that was partially funded through the Stormwater Local Assistance Funds (SLAF), it is used by the City of Newport News as a component of their Chesapeake Bay TMDL compliance strategy required for MS4 permittees.

turnberry project

Looking downstream at recently restored Turnberry Stream restoration (approx. 800 L.F.). Note pedestrian bridge and internal floodplain bench.

turnberry project

Looking downstream at relocated stream channel, moved away from existing structures and damaged infrastructure. Note natural meander pattern.

Project Role: As project manager and senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom was responsible for overall project management and coordination with the assessment, design and engineering staff. Mr. Blossom had a direct oversight role of the budget and schedule as project manager. As senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom oversaw all assessment and design activities, providing quality assurance and quality control and design input. Specifically, Mr. Blossom informed and coordinated with the design team during preparation of proposed channel geometry using a combination of geomorphic and hydraulic design principles. In addition, Mr. Blossom was responsible for design related meetings and general coordination with the client and participated in construction coordination by reviewing material submittals, requests for information (RFI), and conducting on-site field review of construction activities.