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Range Station 21: Shoreline Stabilization & Infrastructure Protection

Client: Middle Peninsula Economic Development Resource Organization & NAVFAC
Approximate Project Cost (Design and Construction): $250,000
Project Timeline: 2014 – 2017 (Previous and Current Contract)
Project Manager: Scott C. Blossom, P.E., CFM

Project Summary: The Range Station 21 project consists of a multi-phase shoreline stabilization design to protect critical infrastructure and private property. Located on a high-energy shoreline of the Potomac River, significant erosion and property loss characterized the shoreline adjacent to an active test range facility operated by the Navy after Hurricane Sandy. The Tidewater Resource Conservation and Development Council, in coordination with NAVFAC and through Cooperative Agreement, partnered with private property owners to install a 150-foot revetment and stabilize the access road as a component of Phase I activities. Phase II activities currently underway consist of approximately 240 feet of revetment on the adjacent shoreline, a break water section, associated fill with native vegetative plantings, and a kayak launch.

range station 21 project

Looking at eroded shoreline adjacent to Range Station 21. Note fallen trees and bank degradation. As a component of the project, archeological investigation of a Native American Shell Midden was reviewed by the Navy and the Department of Historic Resources.

range station 21 project

Shoreline conditions along the Potomac River near Range Station 21. As a component of the design process, detailed assessment of the project shoreline and adjacent properties was completed.

Project Role: As project manager for the client, Mr. Blossom is responsible for overall project management, design oversight and engineering staff product. While with Stantec, Mr. Blossom oversaw assessment and design activities, providing quality assurance and quality control and design input. Currently, Mr. Blossom and BCE coordinate closely with the design, engineering and regulatory staff, while also communicating with the selected contractor as a component of the Design-Build process. Mr. Blossom provides routine status updates and project documentation involving technical components of the design, permitting activities and bid review. While with Williamsburg Environmental Group Inc. (WEG) Mr. Blossom also provided constructed stormwater wetland design and contractor coordination at NAVFAC’s Naval Support Facility, Dahlgren.