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Kingsmill Community: Archers Mead Neighborhood
Client: Kingsmill Community Services Association (KCSA)
Approximate Project Cost (Design and Construction): $20,000
Project Timeline: 2013 – 2016 (Previous and Current Contract
Project Manager: Scott C. Blossom, P.E.

Project Summary: The Archers Mead Project consisted of urban stormwater repair and retrofit in the Kingsmill development located in James City County. The project included site assessment, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, and stormwater retrofit design. The proposed design included a stabilized conveyance swale soil amendments, a level spreader and drainage infrastructure retrofitting. As a project that produces quantifiable nutrient reduction, BCE is currently evaluating crediting as a component of Chesapeake Bay TMDL compliance strategies required for MS4 permittees.

kingsmill project

Looking at drainage and stormwater retrofit location pre-construction. Existing drainage paths result in shallow flooding of residence.

kingsmill project

BCE’s proposed stormwater retrofit included a stabilized conveyance swale to alleviate flooding and compost amended soil media for improved water quality.

Project Role: As project manager and senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom is responsible for overall project management, design and engineering staff. Mr. Blossom had a direct oversight role of the budget and schedule as project manager. As senior engineer of record, Mr. Blossom oversaw all assessment and design activities, providing quality assurance and quality control and design input. Specifically, Mr. Blossom conceptualized the proposed stormwater retrofit and prepared the design plans. In addition, Mr. Blossom is responsible for design related meetings and general coordination with the client. Mr. Blossom will and participate construction coordination by reviewing submittals, requests for information (RFI), and conducting on-site field review of construction activities. At previous employers, Scott was a team member and senior engineer for a Kingsmill wide stormwater and stream assessment, and is engineer of record for a dam spillway repair on Kingsmill Pond.