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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Consulting

Client: Sustainable Design Consulting (SDC) and Green Building Certification Institute
Project Timeline: Current
Project Manager: Scott C. Blossom, P.E. (2013-2016 with Stantec Consulting Services Inc.)

Project Summary: The Green Building Certification Institute, in partnership with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) provides a certification framework for development (and redevelopment) which includes a variety of ‘credits’ that are awarded for meeting thresholds associated with energy efficiency and high performance environmental design. The LEED rating system and certification process is a global program, being used all over the world as an economic development tool. As of January 2017, there is upwards of 5 billion square feet of certified space.

gbci project

BCE performs as a participant in a professionally diverse, high performance team, covering complete project review of all disciplines and credit categories, including Energy, Sustainable Sites, Location and Transportation, Landscape, Materials, Regional Impacts and Innovation.

gbci project

The LEED rating system includes multiple versions, selected specifically based on the project type, such as new construction, re-development, core and shell, schools, health care, and multifamily.

The credits awarded in LEED Rating system range from site selection and civil design to water and energy efficiency, and includes credits for materials selection and innovation in design.

Project Role: As project manager for Williamsburg Environmental Group (WEG) and Stantec, Mr. Blossom was responsible for overall project management and coordination of LEED credit review for Stormwater and Water Efficiency Credits. Currently, Mr. Blossom and BCE provides technical review of these credits, involving a range of techniques and practices customized for the climatic, demographic and topographic characteristics of the area in which the project is located, while meeting a common credit “intention” be demonstrating compliance with pre-defined quantifiable standards.